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Teichert had a special permit issued in 1983 to have mining operations and asphalt production. All of the discussions prior to the final permit were emphatically focused on a 21-year timeframe, due to expire in 2004. Somehow, this time limit was omitted in the final draft that was signed.

However, the Town of Truckee had required that Teichert bring to the Town a review every 5 years. Teichert has not done this since 2002, despite admitting that they were well aware of the fact that they were delinquent and refused to offer any explanation as to why they did not hold up their end of the permit requirements.

It is likely that the plant is meeting California Air Quality standards, as they are very loose, due to no definitive evidence of a toxic level. However, the fumes are known carcinogens.

We at PAWQT believe that Teichert has used and abused its position in this town, buying up competitors and becoming a monopoly. They are defiant in that they will leave when they are good and ready and that growth in the Sierras rely on them. The Town of Truckee has let them skate past requirements and has allowed them to operate without ever having done an Environmental Impact Report!


We know that the particulates, fumes, fugitive fumes, and recycling dust are among the items known to cause headaches, nausea, breathing problems, and cancer. Today’s knowledge of adverse impacts has progressed significantly over the past 34 years. We need the Town to know, it is time to study the impact of Teichert on the Health, Wellbeing, and Safety of those that live here in Truckee.

The greatest impact would be on Glenshire’s residents, as the wind blows mainly to the East. We believe the Town and all its environmental “green” enthusiasm should demand that studies be done to test the negative health impacts on our residents. Well water may also be impacted, and has never been studied.

In addition to the obvious health concerns, Teichert has become a more significant nuisance, as the DUST, ODORS, and FUMES invades neighboring homes. The fact is, there are environmentally friendly asphalt plants that can eliminate a significant percentage of fumes and odors, but it is expensive. As long as the people of Truckee don’t demand that Teichert meet the highest standards of being a good neighbor, they will continue to pollute and ignore the complaints.

Teichert has the ability to increase production beyond normal work hours under special circumstance. They have invoked that privilege to go to 24/7 operations for all of June and July!

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